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Career guidebook

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Fortis CollegeFortis College

Campus City: Online
Description: Imagine yourself surrounded by a campus filled with people wanting you to succeed. At RETS College, that is exactly the type of response you will receive. Because of its small size, you will have all of the individual attention you need to excel. Professional instructors will be available as you make life changing decisions determining the different career paths to follow. Wouldn't you feel comfortable if the person advising you about your future knew not only your name, but your personality as well? RETS College can offer that personal touch as they help you to develop well-suited career plans and goals.
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Fox Institute of BusinessFox Institute of Business

Campus City: Clifton
Description: For over 80 years, Fox Institute of Business has been helping people just like you achieve career success in today's hottest fields. Unlike other business schools in Clifton, our short-term business programs can give you the skills and training you need to meet today's job market demands.
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Gallipolis Career CollegeGallipolis Career College

Campus City: Gallipolis
Description: In life's competitive field of action, it is most important that we are well prepared with basic and practical skills, techniques, and knowledge which will always insure our future, provide us with employment, enable us to rise with confidence and dignity to desirable social and economic levels, and give us solid security. Career college training provides these advantages. Gallipolis Career College's emphasis is on keeping pace with new knowledge and technologies that are being brought into our overall business and educational areas. We foresee ever-increasing importance of our course offerings. We pledge to you to remain alert to changes and new developments in the fast-changing business education world of today. The college will be among the first to adapt to such challenges because at Gallipolis Career College, "Students Come First."
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Georgia Career InstituteGeorgia Career Institute

Campus City: Columbia
Description: Georgia Career Institute was established in 1975 as the Artistic Beauty College with an original mission that was clear and simple: To provide women and men the best education possible through cosmetology programs. Throughout its history, the Georgia Career Institute has provided outstanding vocational preparation for its graduates to enter the fields of cosmetology and nail technology. In 2001 and in 2002, the educational mission was expanded to include not only cosmetology programs but also comprehensive programs in Esthetics and Massage Therapy.
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International Training CareersInternational Training Careers

Campus City: Miami
Description: International Training Careers has been training students like you since 1992. With over 5,000 graduates, International Training Careers gives you the tools to earn more money and command more respect.
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Miami-Jacobs Career CollegeMiami-Jacobs Career College

Campus City: Dayton
Description: At Miami Jacobs College, change is possible. In fact, we specialize in making change happen. We listen, we ask questions and we focus on helping you find the program and schedule that fit your life and your goals. Our support is here for you every step of the way so you can continue to manage your responsibilities and schedule in other words, your life.
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Pacific College of Oriental MedicinePacific College of Oriental Medicine

Campus City: Chicago
Description: The mission of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is to critically assess and present the theories and practices of Oriental medicine, together with its traditional and modern derivations, in order that its graduates may deliver a the highest standard of patient care. Pacific College (San Diego, New York, Chicago) presents this body of knowledge to students in undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as certificate programs, and to practitioners through continuing education.
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Tri-State Business InstituteTri-State Business Institute

Campus City: Erie
Description: Career education programs at Tri-State Business Institute are perfect for highly motivated students who want a professional career they can be proud of. Our convenient Erie location makes for a no-hassle learning experience at one of the best business schools in Pennsylvania.
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