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Combined resume

Combined resume format mixes the previous formats (chronological resume and functional resume). The resume begins with the functional format resume and finishes with the chronological format resume. The combined resume format is more difficult to write and more complex but it has the advantage of emphasising the experience and abilities that the candidates have towards the new position they are applying for, as well as to reflect in a dynamic format their experience and training.


It shows very clearly that you know what you want to do and that you have the capabilities necessary to carry out the position.

It includes the section "Goals Achieved".

It allows more flexibility and creativity in reflecting abilities.

It helps to obtain a particular position, something you can’t achieve by leaving your resume or CV in a database (?) (very usual at jobsites).


You need a different summary for each job that you choose. It is time-consuming.

It eliminates information on your abilities and experience that you may prefer to exclude if you are applying for more than one position in the same company.

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