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CV-Resume: definition

In what way is the Curriculum Vitae different from a Resume?

Different terminology is applied in different countries:

Resume: is used exclusively in the USA.

CV: is used in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Different content and objectives.

Resume: emphasizes information on the experience, abilities and studies relevant for the objectives that must be fulfilled in a certain position for which you are applying, or in which selection process you are taking part.

CV: is a compilation of all the academic data and experience of a person throughout their life (as vitae indicates the Latin term life), unrelated to the position you are applying for or in which selection process you are taking part. The structure usually is personal data, academic, experience, languages, computer science and other data, all in chronological order.

Type of company and position to which it should be directed.

Resume: Commercial positions, directors, media, audio-visual, creative...

CV: More appropriate for academic positions, scientists, doctors, research, technologies...

What do you want to do?

Resume: Do you want to work in the USA?

How to turn your CV into a good and effective Resume.

If you want to opt for a certain position and/or to make a change of profession in your career the first thing to do is to discard the idea that it is an account of your experience, preparation and achievements and that it is the same for all positions and/or companies. Your objective is to obtain an interview and to convince the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate for the position. "the presentation has to be taylor-made", is the fundamental characteristic of resumes: Write and reflect the experience, achievements and objectives for that position in particular, so that the person responsible for inviting you to the interview knows, in advance, that you satisfy the characteristics required to perform the functions inherent to the position. You can omit the academic / work experience that is not related or summarise in a phrase (in an interview there is always time to explain everything that one has done in life).