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As you saw a long this website, there are many kinds of resume examples that can be very useful according your necessities. To start, we saw the chronological resume which principal objective is to highlight your work experience along the time. Then we saw the functional type of resume and we realized that this emphasize in our skills, qualifications and experience to help us in case we have many gaps in our working record. Finally we meet the combined resume which is the result of the union between the two firsts, and saw that even if this type is a very complete resume it requires many time for making and is not as flexible as the others.

Now, we have two options. One is to build our resume from zero, using just the knowledge we had acquired in this website for creating our own model. Or the second one is using a little bit of help.

In this website as you know, you will find plenty information about resumes and also, examples that will help you a lot in the moment of making your own resumes. So, in order to do that, we want to share with you some examples that you can download and use with your information.

This will save you a lot of the time and will help you in order to avoid mistakes and some issues that usually appear during this process of making resumes.

Down below you will find some examples like the chronological, the functional and the combined resume, and the best of all, in a totally free download.

As a last advice, let me tell you that a good and well-written resume it’s not all. You’ll have to be prepared for everything and all kind of questions from the employer, but remember: your best weapon against questions is just the truth.

Sample Resume: Downloads

In this area you’ll find a very complete list of examples like skill phrases which may help you a lot during the confection of your resume. Also, resumes that you can download as many times as you wish.

Cover Letter: Downloads

We already talk much about resumes, but there is another tool that could give us a lot of help. Cover letters are a great way of introduce ourselves as professionals. There are lots of examples of cover letters; here you’ll find some that might help you.