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Functional resume

The resume functional avoids the disadvantages of the chronological resume type and facilitates the exhibition of abilities and achievements obtained, although the dates in the work experience are not continuous, helping to disguise the periods of inactivity or successive similar jobs without promotion. The functional resume type is used when you want to highlight the professional career or enter a totally different activity in which the type of company and/or studies is not relevant but the abilities, capacities and type of work are.

You can use the functional resume:

If you want to emphasize your abilities over the duration of your work experience.

If you want to return to the job market after a period of inactivity.

If there are many periods of unemployment between each job.

If you have changed jobs quite often.

If you are looking for a job in a completely different sector.

If you think that your age can be a barrier ("very young, very old").

If you have worked as a freelance / self-employed.

If you have just graduated, without experience.

If you have had military experience or volunteered.

If you have been a businessman.


It shows the person’s capacities and strengths.

It allows you to reflect the abilities and knowledge that are more relevant to the position you want to obtain.

It eliminates the role repetition in similar positions.

Flexibility to present /display your person and achievements obtained

Useful in new technologies, Internet, telecommunications, media, publicity...

You can speak of abilities, interests, motivations, that you do not always use in your work, but which may be useful.


It does not emphasize the names of the companies for which you have worked.

The period of time in each position is not important.

It limits the description of the position and its responsibilities.

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