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CV-Resume: Cover letter FAQ

Why write cover letter instead of sending only the resume?

- Writing a cover letter you are sure that you do not forget important things, excludes misunderstandings and also serves as reminder.

- You can select yours words and context meanings carefully.

- Because of the one-way-communication, you are able to structure your line of reasoning, without interference, thus not only gaining time, but also influencing the other part more effectively in less time.

- People take the written words with more attention than a phone call to introduce your resume, and always not interrupting to other people in their work

Can a resume cover letter be personal and effective?

- Everyone of us must have the experience of receiving letters that could have been written for any person; nothing shows the sender is directing him/herself to you especially. The use of standard phrases leaves the reader (in this case the Human resources manager) to think that they and the company are not important for the person who is writing the cove letter. The can be read with "half attention"...


- If your start the cover letter with: "your advertisement in the ... Of...where you ask for a ..."

The manager will not be surprised and will search for the real start of the letter.

You will want him to think from the moment he starts reading, that your letter is worth reading a lot more than all the others: SO, BE ORIGINAL!!

- Always remember that the letter you write is representing you and you want to be invited for a interview and show that you are the most suitable candidate for the position you are applying.

The letter as image-builder

Imaging reading a letter with the following sentences:

- In reference to your advertisement of... looking for...

- Please, find enclose...

- Thanking you in advance...

- I hope to be invited for a personal interview...

You will not think the person responsible for selecting people and making interviews, knows you: Your cover letter is formal, standard.

The text are always the same, and nothing change if your write to one or thousands companies.

The text in this kind of cover letters lack character, personality and impact. The overall image will be one of pure routine.

If you learn to be creative, you can change your way of thinking and your creative sentences can be used more than one also.

Show in your cover letter something more about you than only the academic background and experience. Show your interest in that company, show the skills you have and you have developed in many professional and personal areas...

Disadvantage of writing a resume cover letter...

A cover letter lacks intonation, facial expression and posture (body-language). This has to by balanced by the careful selection of words, action verbs and creative writing skills.