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CV-Resume: Tips writing a cover letter

- The cover letter must be directed to somebody in particular (avoid using phrases like “dear sir/madam” or “to whom it may concern”). You should try to find out the name of the person with hiring power. If this is not possible, you may address the letter to a title or to the Human Resources department.

- Consider the cover letter as a business letter, a professional one.

- Never more than a page for writing a resume cover letter

- Quality paper, white or very clear (same type and colour of paper that was used to print the resume).

- Brief explanation of what you offer and want, without forgetting that the cover letter must be in accordance with what the company needs.

- Bring (from your CV or resume) only aspects relevant to the position (abilities, capacities, achievements). Do not make a new summary of your resume. Your resume talks about you, your cover letter about the company, the target...

- Use the cover letter to convince, to persuade the reader that you are the most appropriate candidate for the position, that you can perform the functions.

- Show enthusiasm and interest in the company. Write something about the company or industry that shows you know about them.

- Check your spelling, grammar and expressions before approving the letter.

- Use short phrases, concise but with a rich lexicon writing a cover letter. No more than four or five paragraphs.

- Avoid very formal expressions and facts. The cover letter is a measure of what you want to obtain.

- Use action verbs writing a cover letter.

- Do not overuse "I", it can give an egocentric image of the candidate.

- Do not use copies of cover letters or paragraphs previously used for other selection processes. Send an original cover letter to each employer.

- Write a resume cover letter in a creative way, oriented towards the client (the company), be flexible and always willing to work in a team and learn.

- Don’t forget to make your letter stand out and mention something which makes you special; make your potential employer want to go on to read your CV or resume. If you did a language course or have a great qualification, mention it and let yourself shine!