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CV-Resume: How to write a cover letter

The cover letter is your CV Resume’s supportive best friend. A good cover letter answers the main question; "Why should we hire you?" And here’s how to write a cover letter which will secure that employment seat.

1st Paragraph: State your intentions of passing the cover letter clearly. The first paragraph should be the eye catcher. This part of the cover letter should build some rapport with the company.

2nd Paragraph: This portion answers the question of "why should we hire you?" Explain how you can be an asset to the company. Highlight some of your related achievements and work experiences. Of course, back up your claims with solid proofs using your CV-Resume.

3rd Paragraph: The final part concludes the marketing process and further builds future meetings with the employer. Don’t forget to write down your contact information and — a polite but firm expression of gratitude. Input your full name, and respectfully sign the letter.

Points to Remember:

Never write a two page cover letter, half page is enough and always be simple and professional with words.