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For those who are about to apply for a job, it´s important to be presented with a good CV, as these are a cover letter that will help employers to know more.

There are many styles and models of CV, but no one guarantees the best chance of getting the job. However, it’s important to choose the more suitable to your personality and past jobs.

So if you do not have much experience, but has done several studies, a good option is to write a CV which highlights all the knowledge which will be clear that you have a high potential as a professional. This may be ideal for new businesses that are looking for values that can grow up with the business.

On the other hand, if you has worked in different companies, it´s important to highlight the varied experience, which basically highlight those works that are related to the position you are applying. Thus, the employer will have clear that you are right for the job.

Another alternative to present your CV, in the case of a lot of experience, is putting the work done in a chronological way (from the oldest to newest) so that the employer can assess their professional development. Remember that it is best to place only those jobs that are related to the job which postulates. Place your main achievements and performance in each of them.

CV Resume give you these summaries, and offer the possibility to download various models of CV which will help you have an example which can guide you when you have to write your own summary.

Free resume service: Skill phrases examples

There are certain phrases that employers like to see on the CV. In this section we offer the widest variety of examples of sentences on personal skills which can take into account when writing your CV. These examples for free download will help you in writing your resume.

Sample resume: Professional and functional format

Download here functional and professional formats on sample resumes, which are ideal if you want to apply for a serious and very prestigious company. With this type of abstracts you’re going to give a good impression.

Sample resume: Experienced and combined format

Here you can download examples, were the focus is on highlighting your experience in previous jobs that relate to the position for which you want to apply now.

Sample resume: Executive and chronological format

One way to present your CV in a more executive way, it’s placing your past experience in a chronological order. You can do this from the oldest to the most recent jobs, so that way the employer can see your professional development over the time. Here you can download that kind of CV.