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CV-Resume: resume tips

A good CV Resume is what employers search for. Here’s how to nail that interview spot using a well made resume.

- Use a high quality piece of paper

- The proper use of paragraph spacing can ease up boredom when reading.

- Be mindful of the resume format; a chronological resume format outlines more of the work history and works more on applicants with long work experience.

- A functional resume stresses more on the educational experience and knowledge regarding a line of work. This format is preferable for applicants changing careers.

- Photocopying your resume is totally unnecessary.

- Don’t use the same resume for every company, research and tailor your resume with the industry you’re applying for.

- Avoid fibbing with your resume because when you’re lucky to be called for the interview, you will ruin your reputation once the company digs more of you.

- Stress how you will be an asset for the company always.

- Review you’re resume for unnoticed errors in grammar and spelling.

- Take advantage of the hundreds of resume tips accessible online.

A well research and tailored resume is a hundred percent invulnerable to rejection. Also, be honest and don’t include unnecessary information on the formal document.