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Why have we chosen Uniting People?

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We all have to make a living. We can distinguish ourselves by the way in which we go about our work.

In addition to performing our work with personal pride, at Internet Advantage we assume social responsibility, with use of the expertise we have in our profession.

We chose Uniting People for several reasons:

  • They use their website as their principle tool.
  • The objective is to work "without intermediaries", and to unite people who want to help (with their skills, time, goods or money) in humanitarian projects.
  • 100% of all donations go to the project chosen by the donor (this includes Uniting People which represents one of the projects to which visitors can chose to support).
  • The CEO of Internet Advantage has been a volunteer for the project from the beginning, which gives us full confidence in the credibility of the project.

We assume our responsibility towards Uniting People by:

  • Sending press releases.
  • Publicize Uniting People in social networks.
  • Optimizing the Uniting People website and directing links towards it, so that it is positioned in the relevant search results.
  • Promoting the idea of direct support among individuals and groups on one hand, and social entrepreneurs on the other.
  • Using our contacts (personal and business) to get the attention of Uniting People.

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