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Everything from your work experience, competitiveness and professionalism plays a part in personal branding strategy. We all know that the product in any job interview is you, and here we will teach you the tactics you need to create your brand and sell yourself in the working world.

It is getting harder and harder to compete on the job market and because of this it's important to make yourself stand out from the crowd. By adding new strategies embedded in the online world, you can grow and become a better marketing product.

Until now your professional CV Resume has always been your best selling tool. However, that's not the case anymore, as we will teach you how to make your own digital identity.

Why is it important to have a personal branding online?

Today employers need to know more than what we put in our CVs, and by having a personal online brand, it shows that you are up to date with technology, versatile and, most importantly, competitive.

It's important that you separate your working and private life in the online world. Remember that the Internet has infinitive memory and your data is always there, so you should learn to protect your image just like you do in the off-line world. A good use of social networks can be one of the best tools for creating self marketing

What better way than a blog to show what you know,your experience, hobbies and skills!

There are about 152 million blogs in the world and that number continues to grow everyday; and the reason for this is fundamental: everyone has something to say.

Our personal image is important; it helps to generate what others think about us and this is essential if we are to be successful in the demanding world of work. In other words, your personal image is what makes you unique from others; it reflects who you are and how you want other people see you.

Our visual identity is becoming more and more important because it is a tool through which we can make ourselves known and it can help us to achieve long awaited professional success. We only stay in the memory of others for as long as we develop our online visual identity, which differentiates us from others and speaks well of us.

We could give you lots more reasons for making your personal brand, but it's time to get down to business.

We will begin with the two fundamental bases for constructing your personal brand.

Become a great resume builder and writer!

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