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Buy your digital identity

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a famous phrase which has a lot of truth in it. First impressions count, we all make judgements on people (whether it be good or bad) before we get to know them. In the working world it's vital to take care of our image, especially now that we have both the on and off-line world to contend with.

What is a domain?

In order to have a webpage, or a blog, you need a domain. Just like we have ways to identify ourselves such as our passports, DNA, fingerprints etc, the Internet uses domains.

The main benefit of having your own domain is that anyone, anywhere in the world, can easily access your personal information or the services that you offer. Isn't it fantastic?

It is proven that customers have more confidence in brands with logos since this generates more trust and quality. With such a variety of CMS (Content Management Systems) it takes very little time to get a domain and show your photo- which is your very own personal logo. Developing your image well within your domain will mean that the rest of the information about you on the Internet, whether positive or negative, won't be brought to attention and won't be able tp cause any big problems.

Examples of possible names for you domain:

If you are called Jack Jones, your domain could be

You could also create a domain with the name of your company

What if your name has been used for another domain?

If your name is already being used for another domain, you can sometimes buy it from the holder- in some cases it can be costly- with the price depending on the demand that the said domain has. In any case, we recommend that you analyse the different options to see what is most suited to your needs. Remember that the name of your domain is really important so you should choose something that will be easy for your future employers to remember.

In other words, it is recommended that you have a quality domain, with all the benefits and services purchased.

Some of the benefits of buying your own domain:

- You can register the name that you want as your URL domain so that it is officially recorded.

- You can choose the ending of your domain from the different options available, .com, .org etc.

- You will have personalised email addresses. For example

Once you have your own domain you will be able to enter into the world of creating your personal brand:

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