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Egosurfing: Finding yourself on the Internet

As you may already know Google is the most used search engine in the world because of its immediateness and simplicity.

Coincidentally, with the existence of social networks, blogs and forums etc anyone can enter anything they feel like and it will remain registered on these pages, accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

With this in mind, it should be emphasised that "any one can use the internet to look for information about you", whether it be your friends, family, clients, colleagues, employers etc.

Have you ever searched for yourself on the internet? Do you know what it has to say a bout you?

The term egosurfing describes the act of looking for yourself on the internet. Currently it is a common practice among users. Not only does it gives you an idea of your popularity, but also because you can come against one or two surprises. If you search for your information, anything that is related to your name is the first thing that will appear. This can be a threat if people have the same name as you, or if you simply didn't take the necessary precautions for publishing information on the internet.

Who better to talk about yourself than you!

Having a webpage or a blog is a great way of constructing your online visual identity. It's a good way to promote your personal brand and put you out there in the world, showing a professional and business image. Without a doubt, it will be of a huge advantage to you and you can fully benefit from developing your identity on the Internet. Not only does it open the door for getting in contact with you and acquiring your services and thoughts, but there is the added advantage of you who getting to design it. Remember that the biggest brands invest large amounts of money in advertising and creating new logos to represent them.

While we recommend egosurfing to discover what information exists about you in the network, "googling" lets you test your popularity and find out just how much information exists about you on the Internet. In other words you can "find yourself on Google" to analyse all the information about you. We advise you to google yourself regularly since this will help to improve your make your visual identity, and let you know your page positioning in relation to any other pages about you.

In conclusion, don't forget that it is of equal importance that you search for yourself before and after you get your own domain. Egosurfing will be the only tool that will keep you updated about any information that appears about you on the internet.

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