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Personal blog

A blog is a logbook on the Internet where articles and posts are archived in a periodic manner. The texts can belong to one or more authors and furthermore should have a title or name that represents what it's about. There are many topics for blogs, whatever you can imagine you can create, but the end result is always that they should be read and commented on.

It's a characteristic of all blogs that the texts appear in date order, starting with the latest publication. As well as this, the readers can leave their comments and establish a relationship with the writer. The majority of blogs also have a list of links to similar blogs to offer more information.

This isn't it all. Have you, at any time, ever tried to go onto a blog or maybe you visit one regularly? The interesting thing about blogs is that they form part of a reading community made up of fans or experts in the topic. As well as this the readers can establish dialogues or opinions about one or two of the published themes.

Why have a blog?

Having a blog is very positive for the construction of your personal brand, it doesn't need to be about professional topics, it can be that you are a fan of some sport or to share your experiences with other people in the online world. In this case it is best to avoid controversial issues such as sects, pornography and terrorism for example, as rather than giving a good image of you; it could cause imminent damage to your image and reputation in front of people who don't know you.

One of the main things that you should do before interacting in the online world is to buy your own domain. This way it is your own brand. In the case of blogs where you will use CMS (Content Management System) it will give you a URL that you should move to your personal domain.

If you have a very common name such as John Smith or Sarah Brown you should take into account that the domain you buy can not be erased- so be sure to buy a name with which you would like to be identified.

Here are some reasons for having a blog:

It's simple: it's really easy to create and use a blog, you don't need to be an IT expert to do it. All you need is the want to write.

It's practical: in your blog you can write whatever you feel like. If you like to write poetry you could put it in your blog. You'll no longer need to keep paper and everything will be nicely presented in chronological order.

Create trust: a blog can build trust as you are a connoisseur of the topic and can expose and get feedback from others who are also interested in the topic. You can show what you know and as a result more readers will have confidence in you.

Easy circulation: the best thing about having a blog is that there are thousands of users- called bloggers- who write about similar topics to yours and so you can exchange links, spreading your blog to more people and helping you to gain more supporters and prestige.

For you to get to know a little more about the world of blogging, take a look at some of these sites.

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