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First employment

Your first job must be a good learning experience you can get when you leave college life after graduation and get hired and join the work force - which is the real world you should fit in. You are now a professional and your first employment would bring you much excitement working day by day five to six days a week. Since you are very excited of your first job you are very eager to learn many things, too aggressive to get the work done as professionally as possible. Here you would start examining yourself as an employee and what you can do and help to make your bosses proud of you. After all, you are paid to the job and this must be the best benefit you can get from working, aside from other bonuses and fringe benefits which maybe given to you later.

As your bosses discover your potential the excitements never stops there. You begin to attend to seminars and employee workshops to widen your horizon and become efficient and very productive. Your boss would also let you attend trainings representing the company if you posses the quality of a future section head or department head depending on your educational background, qualifications and the kind of training you have attended. If you aim for promotion you should increase your level of education by enrolling yourself in graduate studies to get advance units for master degree level. This is very important especially when you work in educational institutions. Your level of education will be the first priority for promotion, length of service and seminars and training you’ve attended.

An employee would become candidate for promotion if he reaches many years in his work assignment and when his supervisor would recommend to the promotion board. Remember, when you are promoted to a much higher position that your previous one, this would mean an increase in your salary and other benefits.