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Cover letter: downloads

We have learned a lot of resumes, their types and their importance for the employer and for ourselves. We have seen that a very good redacted resume can highlight our strong points and cover, in some ways, our weaknesses. But in the world of employment, never is too much and everything, until the smallest detail, can make the difference between getting a job or not.

So, in order to cover all the possible facts, we must talk about Cover letters. This is another useful tool which might help us a lot during the selection process, because it gives the employer a view of us before the possible meeting and also let him know that you know something about the company and the job position.

After known this, always comes a question ¿But I already have a resume, why I need a cover letter? The answer is simple. The main difference between a resume and a cover letter, beyond both help or not in the selection process, is that in the cover letter you will speak about you with your own words while in the resume you are going to do the same but in a rigid way.

Is not an obligation to do a cover letter, but when we are talking about getting a job we can dedicate some minutes of our time to make one. The employer won’t be mad about it, he just have to choose read it or not.

Check down below for some cover letter examples, we have some that may help you to make your own. And remember, cover letters usually change a little bit according your objectives and your career but basically all are the same and have the same function: introduce you.

Sales Representative cover letter

If you are looking for a job which is related to sales, you might want to check this one. It structure is simple but tells the employer all the information he/she needs to know about you and your professional career.

Pharmaceutical Representative cover letter

This is another example of cover letter, in this case is related to the pharmaceutical career. And, like the example we saw before, this goes very clear and complete its purpose: inform the employer our interest and why he/she should hire us.

Internship cover letter

Continuing with the examples of cover letter, here is one dedicated to the internships. It’s really simple to make and it can vary a little bit according to your preferences. Check it out and try to make your own letter using this as a guide.

Application for the Marketing Internship

This last example is again related with internships but this time no as general as the last one. This goes more with the Marketing career and it uses a mix of colours to contrast some parts, it’s not usual to do this but sometimes may help.