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CV-Resume: resume writing types

Each type of resume emphasizes different aspects of the studies or experience of the candidate. Depending of the experience the candidate has or not, there are different styles:

Without experience Resume

Objective of this resume: to show the capacity and the potential of the candidate. What they offer in particular that is different to other candidates. Normally, experience is very limited (less than two years) or none, since they are finishing their studies. Therefore it is necessary to concentrate in of abilities, knowledge, achievements obtained in studies, qualifications, acquired responsibilities, voluntary work, trips, languages...

Professional Resume

Professional resume is a style used for people who already have a minimum experience of 3-5 years and that are in intermediate positions at responsibility level. It concentrates on the obtained objectives, solution of problems, applied abilities, promotion and development of the career. Studies have less importance than the acquired experience.

Executive Resume

Executive Resume is used for people in high positions. It concentrates on the objectives obtained as a director of a department or company, solution of problems, leadership, development of projects, use of abilities and motivation of team. In summary, to emphasize the competencies that they have and that are applied.

Take a look to our manual of style. Before you send your cv, you must check if your resume is usefull y objective. Here you Hill find "Do’s" and "Dont’s"...

CV Resume Manual of Style