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Job offers

Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Jobs

Our company Internet Advantage is growing and we want to incorporate people who enjoy working with the internet into our team.

We are looking for young, creative people who are able to use there initiative confidently with our customers.

The types of people who we want to incorporate into our company are those who can work as part of a team. They must show a desire and ambition to start their online career and to learn through use of the internet.

We are looking to fill the following vacancies:


    Our team in Salamanca continues to grow, and seeks a proactive person with great negotiation experience, good organizational skills, and good written and verbal communication.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Searching for links to web pages
    • Development of new link building techniques
    • Negotiating with clients suppliers
    • Support the head of the Production Delivery department
    • Organizing purchase orders

    Must have experience and expertise in:

    • Speaking fluent English
    • Knowledge of Link-Building: Negotiating with webmasters for link exchanges
    • Knowledge of Social Media Platforms
    • Knowledge of SEO techniques for positioning websites
    • Other desired languages include: German, French, Italian, Portuguese, ...

    Needed Immediately!


    To our team in Salamanca we want to add someone with experience in Marketing, who speaks a good level of English.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Production of brochures, business cards and promotional materials in general
    • Supplying fairs
    • Newsletters
    • Press Releases
    • Building relevant databases (journalism, education, travel/tourism and education associations)
    • Segmenting databases, and sending targeted and personalised e-mails
    • Earn invites to speak at trade shows/relevant conferences
    • Direct the Social Media Marketing Specialist, two people from our team in the Philippines and one in Peru + an intern
    • Supervise the Pay Per Click campaign
    • Manage the advertising and promotion budget
    • Budget performance for advertising and promotion
    • Run yield tests to help generate business

    Our offices in Madrid seek someone with commercial experience in developing and selling internet marketing in the following fields of communications, advertising, travel, education, and must speak a good level of German.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Collecting, trading and managing accounts for new clients
    • Administrative tasks related to sales
    • Coordinating the development of online marketing projects
    • Compliance with annual sales targets
    • Attending trade fairs and marketing events in Spain, as well as abroad
    • Ability to negotiate and close deals
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizer)

    To our team in Salamanca we want to add someone with experience in SEO, who also has knowledge in developing web projects with the use of SEO/SEM and SMO-SMM.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Optimizing web pages, and improving there position amongst search engines
    • Increase the websites existing traffic
    • Studying the content and structure of the page, in order to optimize your placement in search engines
    • Make SEO recommendations
    • Relations

    • Knowledge of SEO
    • Knowledge of HTML and web pages in general
    • Knowledge of PHP or ASP
    • Good level of English
    • Conferences and online marketing events, as well as national or international search engines that have been assisted
    • Other details of interest that demonstrate experience in developing profitable web projects, as well as knowledge of SEO/SEM and SMO-SMM

    If you enjoy writing, the internet, you know other languages and have free time, then you can help us by writing articles related to tourism and education. You can do so while you are studying or you may wish to combine it with other activities.


If you are interested in any of the vacancies on offer then send your cover letter and CV to: