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Internship cover letter:

Margaret Smith

Job Street . 5

11111 London


Mery Wills. HHRRR dpt.

C/Alberto Aguilera 45 – 1º

28015 Madrid, Spain

October 14th, 2003

Dear Ms. Wills

I am a student of International Business Administration who graduates with a Bachelor of Business Administration at the end of December.

According to your advertisement at, you are currently seeking for an internship with very good computer knowledge and good language skills.

Through my study time at the university, I have achieved a very good knowledge of MS-Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint; Outlook and Internet.

I speak English as my mother tongue and my German skills are very good. Additionally, I have improved my German skills during two intensive courses at the German Centre in Munich, Germany.

I have basic knowledge of Spanish and am a fast language learner. Through my strong organizational skills and my ability to work independent as well as in team situation, I could support your team well in its daily work.

Before starting my MBA, I have earned working experience with the Deutsche Bank. During this time I consulted customers and assisted the CEO with his daily work. Further more, I created in-house presentations with PowerPoint and gained good telephone skills.

Due to my personal skills and my high motivation, I would be delighted to start my training with ILS.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Smith

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