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Language Schools

In China you often hear talk of "awakening the dragon". If you wish to awaken the dragon within yourself, learning Chinese is the first step.

Chinese (Mandarin) is the language with the largest number of native speakers. Over a billion people speak Chinese as a first language and so, you would have thought, it should be quite easy to find a qualified teacher. In reality, it can be hard to find good quality Chinese tuition in the United Kingdom. However, UK-based schools has a number of great teachers on their books, ready to help you learn Chinese in Leeds, learn Chinese in Liverpool or learn Chinese wherever you are. Some schools are now teaching Chinese to under 10s.

A language school specialises in providing classes on either a one-to-one or small group basis. This method is particularly useful for anyone who needs to learn a language quickly, which often means business learners. Courses are more flexible than traditional schools can offer both as regards course content and timetable. Language schools can send their teachers to your workplace and offer courses that can be scheduled around the working day. If you need to learn Chinese in London for example, the school can send a qualified teacher to anywhere within the city. Similar flexibility is offered for anyone needing to learn Chinese in Manchester.

Language schools offer courses in every major language and can usually find a teacher even if the course you need is not listed on the site. While it is relatively easy to find a English course in Canada, how about a Dutch course in Bristol? The advantage of having a huge database of teachers is that less common languages are also accounted for. You can also ask for becas MEC to make it easier.

Naturally, English courses are also catered for. The most commonly spoken language on the planet is also the most in-demand by learners. People everywhere see the ability to speak English as a useful stepping stone on the route to financial success and with good reason: English is the language of business. Excellent courses are available all across the country, whether you are looking for an English course in Manchester or an English course in Liverpool, there are no shortage of highly qualified TEFL teachers in the UK.

If you need to learn or practice a language, give any language school a call today.

As well as language learning, CVs and resumes are greatly boosted by charity work and volunteering stints. Why not mix language learning and charity work by working in a fair trade kitchen or volunteering abroad? This way you will demonstrate your language skills, independence and interest in helping others – something no employer can resist!